Is now time to explore selling your business?


Finding employees.


Interest rates.

Supply chain disruptions.

Capital gains tax rate changes.

Market valuations.

Oh – you’ve been running a successful business through all that? Kudos to you – it’s no small feat!

And now Russia invades Ukraine. What a couple of years, right?

If you are here you want answers and information.

Start with our 2022 Guide to Selling your Business

It has initial questions you will want to ask yourself, as well as what to expect in each step of the sale process. We wrap up the guide with steps to take when you are ready to sell.

This link catalogs some of our most popular content of 2021, including resources that were spotlighted by the Washington Society of CPAs and Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

What can a Business Broker do for you? Why Washington Business Brokers?

Want the Exec Summary?

We value your business and set the price correctly to sell.

We maintain confidentiality.

We generate multiple buyer prospects and competition.

We know how to negotiate.

We facilitate the transaction with the appropriate, legal documents, ensuring both parties are protected.

We have a track record, expertise, and systems in place to maximize results.

We work on a success fee – your interests become ours. We go to bat for you.

One last thing – you have a business to run!

Not convinced? Check out Why owners choose Washington Business Brokers

Want to learn more about two fantastic businesses we currently represent?

Iconic Fish & Seafood Biz; Continuous Growth, National Customer Base

Fish & Seafood business in Washington; unparalleled presence in the local community and, based on prominent reputation and product quality, a loyal customer base across the US. Strong margins, resilient cash generator; has thrived over 25+ years, including through economic cycles, pandemics, you name it.

Track record of growth – sales of $2.4M in 2018, $2.6M in 2019 (10% increase), $3.5M in 2020 (31% increase), and $3.8M in 2021 (9% increase). Cash flow to owner growth mirrors the substantial sales increases, from $250k in 2019 to $453k in 2021. Business is a reliable cash machine – generating attractive profitability for the owners.

$1.3M Sales, Arts & Crafts Biz, Thrived thru Covid; Relocatable

Arts & Crafts e-commerce seller; national reputation, relocatable!

Track record of growth – sales of $760k in 2018, $848k in 2019 (16% increase), $1,098k in 2020 (29% increase), and $1,271k in 2021 (16% increase). Cash flow to owner growth mirrors the substantial sales increases, from $62k in 2018 to $184k in 2021.

Loyal, national customer base and proven market demand – with an email list of 12k+ recipients and 7k+ monthly unique visitors to the site, there is a passionate community of enthusiasts across the US that trust this business. The average credit card transaction exceeds $100 and the development of recurring club and subscription box revenue is another channel for a buyer to continue the track record of growth.

At Washington Business Brokers we are experts in valuation, optimizing a business for sale, buyer identification and qualification, negotiation, deal structuring, and closing.

We do not sell you on selling your business or buying one. Instead, we listen, provide options and expertise, and ultimately partner with you to accomplish your goals.

If you would like to better understand the value of your business or learn more about the process of confidentially selling:

call or text 937.344.8750
email [email protected]
or schedule time for an exploratory, free chat here

Conversations are always confidential and there is no commitment. We will be ready when you are. Put our team to work for you!

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