We work as an impactful, seasoned team for each of our seller, advisory, coaching, or valuation clients. Our systems, teamwork and track record are put to work for each client.

Systems: Business brokerage and advisory the way it should be done!

  • Valuation Systems – Helping clients establish and defend business values – both enterprise market values and a business owner’s core values – are our specialties
  • Confidentiality Systems – Preserving confidentiality is an everyday procedure for us. We know how to camouflage the identity of businesses and business owners and guard proprietary information
  • Marketing & Resourcing Systems – A coordinated and on-going campaign to sell businesses, coupled with a wide variety of coaching assignments, benefits all of our clients
  • Screening & Qualifying Systems – Screening and qualifying buyer prospects is what we do for our business seller clients. Screening and qualifying new ideas and trends is what we do for coaching clients
  • Negotiation & Closing Systems – Focused agenda-setting grows and sells businesses. It also addresses frustrations by clarifying alternative choices. We are clear about our role as a broker and/or coach

Teamwork: Business brokerage and advisory the way you want it done!

  • Cooperation & Collaboration – We provide two agents for each of our seller clients, almost unheard of in our profession. Most brokerage firms just allocate one broker to serve each listing client. We also encourage teamwork with other business intermediaries and professionals
  • Knowledge – We are well connected and networked with world-wide experts and resources. Check us out on LinkedIn
  • Experience – Our many co-experts and go-to resources are grounded in the real world of business ownership
  • Accessibility– You cannot miss us if you’re searching for a Washington or Oregon business connection! You can find us – and so can prospective business buyers!

Track Record: Business brokerage and advisory the way it is done!

  • Experience – our strategic advisor, Glen Cooper, has 35+ years of selling & coaching to draw from – we can give you plenty of references. You can also check us out online
  • Top notch Marketing Materials for Clients – Our “Confidential Business Reviews ” are acclaimed as “the best!” No kidding.

How Do We Sell Businesses?

  1. Our Commitment to a Full-time, Coordinated Sales Campaign
  • Targeted canvassing and on-going contact with buyer prospects and multiple referral sources
  • Active participation in multiple business-for-sale networks and websites
  • In-person and digital exposure by posting articles and blogs, hosting “How To” seminars, webinars and workshops, and talking to civic and professional groups throughout the Pacific Northwest
  • Confidential networking with professionals, business buyer prospects and other business owners
  1. We Prepare a “Confidential Business Review” on Your Business that is Top Notch
  • Coordination with you, the seller client, to produce a high-quality marketing presentation that tells the complete story of your business in words and pictures
  • Documents your business’ past and present, as well as what the future can be, with a credible presentation of footnoted financials
  • Helps clarify what is important—a specific story and specific numbers
  1. We are “Fussy” about Organizational Systems and Confidentiality Procedures
  • Proper due diligence to make sure we know what we are selling
  • Office set-up to handle buyer qualification and confidentiality for seller clients
  • Buyer registration process to gather information and screen prospects
  • Creative marketing and sales systems to get businesses sold
  1. We have a CRM (database) of Buyers – Ready to Buy
  • Active, registered and pre-screened buyer prospects already looking and ready to buy
  • Knowledge of where buyer prospects are in their search process
  • Regular contact with this database
  1. We are Active Users of Social Media
  • Active use of business multiple listing sites
  • Individual brokers connected through social networking and affinity sites
  • Website
  • We maintain your confidentiality through “blind” listings
  1. We Network with Selected Brokers and Other Intermediaries
  • Provide packages and information to other trusted business brokers and intermediaries
  • Offer of generous fee sharing terms to other professionals
  1. We Offer Special Outreach and Direct Contact
  • Special canvassing efforts to find industry-specific buyers when needed
  • Focused efforts in select industries to help our seller clients