Thinking about selling? See the latest market data, multiples, businesses selling, the buyer pool, and more

Looking for data and insight into the current market for private businesses – good news – you found it! The Q1 Market Pulse Report from the IBBA was released yesterday – you arrived at the right place! At Washington Business Brokers we are proud, long-running members of the International Business Brokers Association. It is the premier organization for

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Getting a deal done with seller financing or notes

You have bought something on Amazon, right? Of course you have. Let’s say you’re searching for an item and not exactly sure what you want. Amazon presents many ways to filter the (bewildering) number of options: price, brand, reviews, features, weight, availability, etc. What’s the 1 “filter” box nearly all

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What’s going on with the WA State capital gains tax?

The proposed WA State capital gains tax is back in the headlines this week. As you may recall, the tax was signed into law in 2021. Last year, a Douglas County judge struck down the law on the grounds that it violated the State constitution. The WA Attorney General then

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