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Pleased to share a testimonial from Daniel Wright of Wright Way Cleaning & Restoration in Lynnwood, WA. Daniel & team worked over a period of 15+ years to build a thriving business and help customers through what is often a stressful and scary experience with water damage in their home or business.

As part of his evaluation process, Daniel consulted three other business brokers / advisors, all also experienced and professional. My first evening meeting with him went till nearly 9pm. At 11pm that night I sent data on 59 water damage & restoration transactions to assess the valuation of Wright Way. And from there we were off to the races!

Daniel was wonderful to work with throughout the sale process. We closed on the sale of his business in May and the new owners have plans to grow and build upon what he established. It’s a true, win-win transaction with a happy seller and a happy buyer.

I don’t mention it enough in these posts, but I have tremendous respect and admiration for business owners. They create something out of nothing, do what others talk about, take risks and sacrifice, again and again, to realize their vision.

Starting and growing a business is damn hard. That said, there are few things as satisfying as entrepreneurship – I would compare it to the joy, experience, work, love, and yes, emotional journey, of raising my son, Kai. Every entrepreneur and owner feels and knows what I am referring to. My parents started a bakery in Springboro, Ohio in the 80’s – it’s now on its second owner and doing better than ever. I love helping owners and I love seeing “civilians” become owners.

More from Daniel on why he chose Washington Business Brokers:

Ryan was outstanding in helping sell my business, Wright Way Cleaning & Restoration, in Lynnwood, WA. In business for 15+ years, I had worked to build it to a size where I could benefit from selling it to a new owner. Ryan was one of four advisors / firms that I interviewed. I’m happy to say that he helped my wife and I successfully sell the business to a fantastic buyer. After working with Ryan for 6 months, I would emphasize the following advantages about partnering with him and Washington Business Brokers:

Enthusiasm, zeal, flexibility – he brought a level of raw energy and adaptability to move the process forward at key points. He answers his phone, day, and night, and was always responsive

Quality of marketing effort & deliverables – Ryan produced compelling visuals and video that were used to market my business; these marketing materials helped attract buyers and, I believe, helped me obtain a higher price for the business than I thought possible

Process knowledge throughout transaction / due diligence / legal – he uses his background and experience as a CPA in preparing the valuation, confidently negotiating with buyers, and to navigate through issues as they arise

Did what he said – he is detail oriented, organized, and follows through on promises

Persistence and perseverance – his tenacity was beneficial in keeping the process and stakeholders (including me) moving

I strongly recommend Ryan and Washington Business Brokers to other owners considering the sale of their business.

If you are an owner, let’s talk.

You can expect confidentiality, market & transaction expertise, prudent counsel, and results.

Wondering if businesses are selling currently?

Not sure where to start?

Perhaps you are wondering how much your business is worth, what the current market is like, or what to expect?

Businesses are selling. The key is that the business is of quality AND priced appropriately. If you are considering selling, now more than ever, professional representation and guidance matters.

What can a Washington Business Broker do for you? Why hire a Business Broker? Aren’t we just going to list your business on BizBuySell?

Want the Exec Summary?

We value your business and set the price correctly to sell.

We maintain confidentiality.

We generate multiple buyer prospects and competition.

We know how to negotiate.

We facilitate the transaction with the appropriate, legal documents, ensuring both parties are protected.

We have a track record, expertise, and systems in place to maximize results.

We work on a success fee – your interests become ours. We go to bat for you.

One last thing – you have a business to run!

Said differently:

You want an independent, objective assessment of the value of your business based on comparable transactions and market activity.

You want your business marketed confidentially and professionally.

You want to generate buyer activity and competition amongst buyers.

You want an expert to vet buyer fit and financial capacity for a deal.

You want transaction expertise to avoid deal pitfalls, maximize net at closing, and ensure a deal happens.

That is it for today – more to come in a future post. Please forward or share this content if you find it valuable. As always, thank you for reading! 

At Washington Business Brokers we are experts in valuation, optimizing a business for sale, buyer identification and qualification, negotiation, deal structuring, and closing.

We do not sell you on selling your business or buying one. Instead, we listen, provide options and expertise, and ultimately partner with you to accomplish your goals. We will be ready when you are.

If you would like to better understand the value of your business or learn more about the process of confidentially selling:

call or text 206.703.3555
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or schedule time for an exploratory, free chat

Conversations are always confidential and there is no commitment. We will be ready when you are!

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