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Thinking about selling? See the latest market data, multiples, businesses selling, the buyer pool, and more

Looking for data and insight into the current market for private businesses – good news – you found it! The Q1 Market Pulse Report from the IBBA was released yesterday – you arrived at the right place! At Washington Business Brokers we are proud, long-running members of the International Business Brokers Association. It is the premier organization for business brokers and transaction experts.…

Getting a deal done with seller financing or notes

You have bought something on Amazon, right? Of course you have. Let’s say you’re searching for an item and not exactly sure what you want. Amazon presents many ways to filter the (bewildering) number of options: price, brand, reviews, features, weight, availability, etc. What’s the 1 “filter” box nearly all of us click? Prime. Why?…

Want to understand current sales and earnings multiples for your business?

Good news – you found it! See the Q1 2023 DealStats Value Index from the valuation experts at Business Valuation Resources below, it’s packed with insight across 15 industries, including: Sales and gross profit multiples. Earnings multiples (EBITDA / SDE / cash flows). Impact of transaction size on multiples. 10-year trend for private-seller sector multiples (you…

Thinking about selling? See businesses selling, market data, the buyer pool, multiples, and much more here

Wondering if businesses are selling currently? Short answer: YES. The headlines are not fun lately, we get it. Inflation, financial markets, labor / staffing, Putin, UFO’s (what else, right?!). All that said, market experts increasingly anticipate a soft landing for the economy and financial markets. Expanding on the short answer above – quality businesses, priced…


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